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Imagine that you are in college. You have to complete class projects, but not simple homework assignments - you have to make short films. You must write, direct, edit, and then screen each movie for your audience - your fellow students. If you make a comedy, you hope that everyone will laugh with your film, not at it; if you make a touching love story, you hope your classmates will be touched, not think that you are.

FILM SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL chronicles five film students over the course of one school year: Sara, an intellectual, Sal, who makes an earnest first film, Mark, who shoots wild, psychedelic images, Greg, who works hard at cinematography, and Marta, Sara's quiet freshman roommate. It is Marta's simple video that proves to be the most compelling, triggering a series of events that effects all five students and forces them to re-evaluate their own belief in the power of motion pictures.
At turns hilarious and harrowing, FILM SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL is an insiders trip into today's motion picture schools.


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